Yoga and Chakras: The Union of Mind, Body and Soul

YogaThe International Yoga Day on 21st June has put yoga in the spotlight, and rightfully so. The physical and emotional benefits of doing yoga frequently have been reiterated one too many times. Here we try to throw some light on the spiritual aspects of yoga and how it positively affects the various Chakras in the human body.

The Paths of Yoga
Yoga has evolved drastically since its inception and it has traveled to the farthest corners of the worlds, however the four basic paths of yoga remain the same. The meaning of Yoga is the union of our mind body and soul. Raja Yoga focuses on meditation to integrate the mind, body and the soul. Karma Yoga is the yoga of action with selfless devotion. Bhakti yoga involves surrendering oneself to God through prayers and devotion. Jnana Yoga is the path aim to connect a person with God by breaking his veil ignorance (or darkness within).

Why Most People Fail in Doing Yoga?
Why do most people find it hard to do yoga? What stops a person from uniting his/her mind, body and soul? Why yogis urge people to do yoga regularly? The answer to the question is what everyone knows but do not understand. The inhibition to attaining the true purpose of yoga is physical like bodily ailments, psychological like fear, ego etc., and worldly like materialistic needs. Overcoming these obstacles is by no means easy and requires a strong will power and regular practicing.

Yoga and Chakras
Chakras are our body’s vital energy points and there are seven such points. These chakras are important for our physical and emotional and are hence vital.

Through various yoga poses and breathing techniques we can release the stale energy and generate fresh energy inside. Yoga balances the Chakras and synchronizes them so that they optimize our body’s functions. Some of the poses practiced in yoga are Tadasana (Mountain Pose), Veerabhadrasana (Warrior pose), Setu Bandhasana (Bridge Pose), etc.

Practicing these yoga poses diligently, rejuvenates the body’s chakras which releases positive energies that helps us unite our mind, body and soul.

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